Do we have to meet in person?

No.  The majority of our clients prefer phone appointments, email, conference calls, and video conferencing.  If you would like an in-person meeting, we can arrange a time in our conference room in Newton, MA, or in your advisor's office, or another place that works for everyone.

Can I apply for insurance on-line?

Yes and No.  It depends on the insurance company, product selected, and the complexity of your planning.  We will select the most advantageous method for you to save time and money.  We may use paper forms, secured on-line options, or a combination of both.

What insurance companies do you represent?

As an independent insurance agency, we decide which companies to represent based on the needs of our clients.  For a complete list of the more than fifty companies we have access to, and the process we use to evaluate them and their products, please contact us directly.


Next Steps...

Whether you have a simple, one-time question, or a complex insurance planning task, you can email Ray to set up a no-obligation phone appointment. Or call him at 781-237-0004.