Insurance Broker

We work for you to find the right insurance policy for your needs.  We then submit your application to the insurance company, and follow the process through to completion.  Once the policy is accepted by you, and the premium paid, we will receive a commission from the insurance company for the services we provided you.

Your Resource

Have a question about insurance?  We are an exceptional resource to those in the advisor community, and their clients.  Whether the question is about a policy you already own, are considering, or a general question, contact us.  We are happy to listen, provide answers if we can, or guide you to the right place.

Insurance Advisor

Already have an insurance policy?  Do you want an unbiased policy review or second opinion?  As a Licensed Insurance Advisor, Ray is able to legally charge a fee for insurance advice provided to MA residents.  The fees are based on the work required, and fully disclosed and agreed upon before the work is performed.



Our Process

Our personalized process is all about listening to you, education, and informed decision making.  There are no sales appointments or canned presentations.  We prefer open discussions over the phone and through email, to help you decide if an insurance policy is right for you and your family.

Through an initial phone conversation, we learn about your interests, answer your questions, gather information about your health history, and determine if we may be able to help you.

Insurance Solutions

If an insurance policy is a consideration in your planning, then an educational approach in analyzing and documenting the most appropriate type of insurance solution for your personal situation will be taken.

We have access to over fifty insurance companies, and will narrow the focus to those appropriate for you.  Then provide you with several options from different companies, explaining in detail the features, benefits, and pricing of each.


Next Step

Whether you have a simple, one-time question, or a complex insurance planning task, you can email Ray to set up a no-obligation phone appointment.  Or call him at 781-237-0004.