IMPORTANT - Before you spend time researching insurance options...

To buy an insurance policy, you will need to qualify medically.  Certain health conditions that are under control, or resolved, may seem fine to you and your doctors, but may present additional risks to an insurance company.

It is strongly recommended that you review the Medical Pre-Qualification Forms below.  Then call Ray at 781-237-0004 to discuss any "Yes" answers and health history that may need further clarification.  You do not need to fill them out, simply use them as a tool to review your medical history.

Insurance Company Product Brochures and Sample Policies for Massachusetts Residents Only

To help you learn more about LTC Insurance options, listed below are a couple Consumer Brochures and Sample Policies for your review.  They can be used to help you develop questions for further discussions.  These are not the only companies that we use.  It is a very small sample of high quality options available.  Company and product selection is determined by your individual situation.  If you live outside of Massachusetts, contact us and we will send you the appropriate versions for your state.